Wade Woodfill for Backpacker Magazine

A few days after the Claire Gibson shoot I was back at Marmot for another story for Backpacker. This time to photograph one of their head gear designer, Wade Woodfill.  


Our first set up was to showcase Wade in the design and prototyping process of creating a new tent. 


We also brought in some of the members of his design team for some options as well.


After that we tried for another option of Wade in his workspace where he designs sleeping bags. Having him at his work space wasn't reading quite right so at the very end I asked him to hop in the back and just relax and that last frame ended up being the image they chose to run.


Neighborhood A-Listers for Nob Hill Gazette

This past month Matt Petty from the Nob Hill Gazette sent me on another great assignment. This time I went on a hunt all over San Francisco to photograph five different subject for their A-Lister issue. Each one a staple of their community.

Paul McManus—The Bus Stop

Pauly has been an icon at The Bus Stop for a long time. Having been a bar tender at the classic San Francisco dive for decades, he's formed quite a community with his Cow Hollow regulars. He was generous with his time and we were able to squeeze in two set ups, all with an onslaught of friendly heckling from the crew out front.


Robert Guerra—Guerra's Quality Meats

Robert, of Guerra's Quality Meats, is one of the city's most famed butchers. He and his crew run like a well oiled machine, not missing a beat despite me making a jungle gym of gear all over their kitchen during the peak of their morning rush.


The Island Groove—The Tonga Room

Making a visit to the Tonga Room is kind of like making a mini trip to Disneyland. People love their tiki bars and this one is probably San Francisco's finest. In no small way is it's greatness due to The Island Groove, the band who jams every night from a boat floating through the club. 


Ellen Herlihy—24th St. Cheese Co.

This photo almost didn't happen. Why? Because the cheese monger and sommelier is also a surfer and was out crushing the waves of Costa Rica. Luckily she returned they day before things went to print and she had five minutes to spare (literally) for me to come in a grab a few frames.


Tom Sweeney—The Sir Francis Drake Hotel

It's been said that Tom Sweeney is the most photographed man in San Francisco. What started as a summer job has turned into a life long career as the iconic doorman of The Sir Francis Drake Hotel. Not only was Tom one of the nicest people I've met, but his memory for people blew me away. Nearly every one who passed by, most of which I thought were random tourists, Tom seemed to know on a first name basis including some back story on their life and a memory from the last time they'd met. 


And here's how it all looked in print. Thanks again to Matt Petty and the Gazette for the project and to Katie Sweeny for finding and writing the stories of all of these great SF characters.