Kim and Proper

I always love getting to work with creative people in my community and most recently I got to work with San Francisco dress designer Kim and Proper. Kim just released two new pieces and I was brought on to create a handful of lifestyle photos as well as catalog images for her web store. 

In addition to the photographs, Dustin Vance was on hand to capture some great BTS footage throughout the day. Check the video here: 

For the studio images we set up a 53" Elinchrom Rotalux up on camera right at f/8 as our key light and the bit 74" Elinchrom indirect for at camera left for a big soft fill about 1.5 stops under. 

For the lifestyle shots we worked with the ambient light and used two Elinchrom Quadra kits with Photek Softlighters to add some pop and fill as needed. 

Model: Sophia Jackson / Scout Models

Hair/MUA: Janet Mariscal

BTS Photos: Jillian Turner

Feature on Shot Kit!

Any way you cut it, equipment is an essential part to photography. While I strongly believe that gear doesn't make the photographer, I do (like most all photographers) enjoy nerding out on it and love to learn what other photographers are using out there.

For a while now, ShotKit has been one of my favorite websites and it comes with great honor to share that I've got my own feature up on the site! Click the image below to check out my feature and learn about what tools I use to get the job done.



Andres hit me up wanting to shoot some new headshots to send out to casting agencies. Originally I though we'd just do some simple studio looks, but when he came over the sun was setting pretty perfectly so I figured we'd take a walk and find some locations in my neighborhood. 

Of course we eventually made it back and I took some portraits in the studio as well. 

Brue Dropped by the Studio

I recently had Brue drop by for some portraits.  I wanted to try out a new backdrop I'd just painted so I tested the colors on digital as well as switching out to test some black and white film I'd never shot on. Here's what we turned out.


And of course, no roll of film comes back with out at least one treasure of an accident.

Jenny Dropped By The Studio

I've shot a handful of editorial assignments over the last few weeks but while they're all waiting to go to print, I thought I'd share some recent personal work. My #whenfriendsdropbythestudio project has been going strong and I wanted to share the latest installment. My friend Jenny dropped by last week and she was kind enough to sit through some different light set ups I wanted to try and wait patient as I went back and forth between cameras. 

I'm really glad I've been making the time for these personal shoots. I absolutely love working under the pressure and chaos that comes with doing commercial and editorial jobs, but it is so, so nice to relax and make portraits in a totally casual, intimate setting. 

Color images are digital while the black and white were shot with the Mamiya on a roll of HP5 400. Oh yeah, I've been having fun trying out different film lately, particularly black and white. It's been fun to experiment since I generally only shoot on Kodak Portra in the studio. 

Anyway, I'll have a lot of projects coming to share with you all so check back soon!

Air Table

I recently was brought on to shoot portraits of the team at Air Table. Company headshots usually tend to be a little... plain, so I was excited when they referenced some of my work and wanted to go a darker, more dramatic direction. I love getting hired to make the kind of portraits I love to make! 

We set up shop and built a studio in one of their conference rooms while using another conference room to set up hair and make up. 

Hair/Make Up/Grooming by Shannon Nicole

Assisted by Morgan Womble-Dahl. 

Pro Tip: Hire assistants who know how to tie knots and always have para cord on hand. They're worth their weight in gold.