Cassandra The Band in Palm Springs

I was down in Palm Springs earlier this month. It was not for Coachella and I did not wear feathers in my hair, but I did get sunburned from being at the pool for too long and I did photograph some musicians. Specifically Cassandra the Band, the feminist art-rock power-ballad pop trio from Los Angeles.

The first look was down by the pool at the Ace Hotel with nothing but that desert  sunset light. 

Then we quickly changed things up, moved to a different spot, changed the light, but of course kept the same rad ladies. 

And we finished it off with a slight variation, lining the girls up, and angling the camera just right for the powerful low dessert sun to flair over the wall of plants. The sun is real, and I'm pretty sure it destroyed my camera sensor so I don't suggest doing the same. 

And just like that they were off and headed back to LA. While they were on the road, I stayed at the Ace for a night of bingo, trivia, and hot tub time machine. More on that later... Maybe.