Jenny Dropped By The Studio

I've shot a handful of editorial assignments over the last few weeks but while they're all waiting to go to print, I thought I'd share some recent personal work. My #whenfriendsdropbythestudio project has been going strong and I wanted to share the latest installment. My friend Jenny dropped by last week and she was kind enough to sit through some different light set ups I wanted to try and wait patient as I went back and forth between cameras. 

I'm really glad I've been making the time for these personal shoots. I absolutely love working under the pressure and chaos that comes with doing commercial and editorial jobs, but it is so, so nice to relax and make portraits in a totally casual, intimate setting. 

Color images are digital while the black and white were shot with the Mamiya on a roll of HP5 400. Oh yeah, I've been having fun trying out different film lately, particularly black and white. It's been fun to experiment since I generally only shoot on Kodak Portra in the studio. 

Anyway, I'll have a lot of projects coming to share with you all so check back soon!