Deliver us Peace: UPS Drivers for San Francisco Magazine

When the news broke that a UPS driver had pulled a gun to shoot at a number of his colleagues and then onto himself, a true shock of terror spread over the city. We always hear of tragedy but so rarely does it seem to hit like this so close to home. 

In the wake of the incident, San Francisco Magazine reached out to me to photograph a portrait series on local drivers continuing to work in the city. It's never easy going into a shoot with this level of sensitivity but thanks to the incredible personalities of all the drivers who came by, spirits were high throughout the whole shoot. 

And here's a few BTS shots from the shoot.

And of course, here's how it ran in print.

Huge thank you to all the drivers who were so generous with their time, my assistant Ben Decastro for helping hold things down, and photo editor Karen Williams for trusting me with the assignment.