Kim and Proper

I always love getting to work with creative people in my community and most recently I got to work with San Francisco dress designer Kim and Proper. Kim just released two new pieces and I was brought on to create a handful of lifestyle photos as well as catalog images for her web store. 

In addition to the photographs, Dustin Vance was on hand to capture some great BTS footage throughout the day. Check the video here: 

For the studio images we set up a 53" Elinchrom Rotalux up on camera right at f/8 as our key light and the bit 74" Elinchrom indirect for at camera left for a big soft fill about 1.5 stops under. 

For the lifestyle shots we worked with the ambient light and used two Elinchrom Quadra kits with Photek Softlighters to add some pop and fill as needed. 

Model: Sophia Jackson / Scout Models

Hair/MUA: Janet Mariscal

BTS Photos: Jillian Turner

A girl, her dog, and her bike AKA Chasing a sunset on a rainy day.

Last week I was booked for a fun, sort of impromptu shoot with my very good friend Mandy. She was selected as an ambassador for the new women's commuter line for Levis and we wanted to put together a fun lifestyle series of her in the gear. We had a loose concept to build this series, which primarily consisted of getting some golden hour goodness. 

Everything was looking great until early that afternoon, it started to rain. Great. We decided to hope for the best and see what would happen. As luck would turn out, the skies cleared enough late in the afternoon to give it a go. Quickly, we scouted a couple locations and knocked out some shots. 

Sure enough, less than an hour after we wrapped, it started raining again. 

Anyway, enough chat, check out the series below. Click on any image to view larger.