Joseph Cozza Salon

Joseph Cozza has been in the hair game for a really long time. With a decade of industry experience under his belt, he opened his own salon in 1995 and has been a mainstay of the Union Square district ever since. Today, his current location sitting above Maiden Lane, has grown to cover everything from hair, make up, nails, and skin care. Needless to say, there was no questioning why NHG wanted to feature him in the September style issue.

I met Joseph at the salon on a beautiful afternoon, at the perfect time for the place to be flooded with a war glow. I set up for a wide shot at his personal station, but made it quick as he’s not one to enjoy being the center of attention.


From there I found a more quiet space at the end of a hallway to set up a tighter more intimate portrait. He seemed much more at easer in this scenario and we sat for a good 20 minutes or so just chatting, laughing, and capturing the moments as they came.


For the gear nerds, here’s a look at the set up. An Elinchrom ELB head in a small Photek boomed overhead as the main and an LED ring light for a bit of on axis fill, but mostly just for the subtle catch light.


And of course, a look at how it ran in print. Thanks to Joseph for being such a kind and humble subject and Matt Petty at the Gazette for sending me on the shoot.